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Cricket Protein?

Eating insects, also known as entomophagy, has been a tradition since the beginning of time.

One of the insects that people most frequently eat is cricket. Due to rising customer demand for more environmentally friendly protein sources, products incorporating cricket protein have become more widely available.

Unlike other protein sources like meat, insects such as crickets are high in nutrients, particularly protein.

However, due to concerns about food safety, some people are hesitant to consume crickets.

What is protein from crickets?

In many countries worldwide, crickets are a common source of protein despite their unique or gimmicky appearance. For instance, it is widespread to find roadside food vendors in Thailand selling insects.

Rest assured that it's straightforward to forget what the protein in cricket powder indeed includes if eating bugs is too much for you.

The processing results in a product that is clean, mild in flavor, and golden in color, giving it a look somewhat akin to light brown flour or brown sugar.

The highlights of cricket protein nutrition

A great source of protein is cricket powder. Since each bug contains between 58 and 65 percent protein, eating cricket powder is equal to consuming skinless chicken breast and lean beef.

Because it is a "complete" protein, the protein in cricket powder has particular advantages. Therefore, it has all 9 of the necessary amino acids your body needs.

Tissues across your body utilize these amino acids as the essential components of protein. Since your body cannot produce them on its own and you must get them from your diet, they are necessary.

In terms of iron content, crickets rank higher than sirloin beef, according to some sources.

However, cricket powder's advantages don't end there. It is frequently referred to as a superfood, dividing it from other protein powders.

Utilizing Cricket protein

The fact that cricket protein blends in with other ingredients without changing their flavor or texture is one of the best things about utilizing it in recipes.

Powders like whey and soy, which can be highly gritty and frequently have a more robust flavor, are an exception to this rule.

Naturally, adding tiny amounts at a time is the key. However, obtaining a consistent amount throughout the day is simple because there are many methods to use cricket protein. I tried the Human Improvement Protein Powder and loved that it was made with clean ingredients, 5 grams of fiber, 22 grams of protein, and ZERO added sugar!

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