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Pour into the cup that needs a refill

Keeping your cup filled is a critical component of self-care. If you take measures to maintain your cup, ultimately, you will only have something left to contribute to yourself, your most essential priorities, or others.

This is a problematic idea for everyone since we have been socialized to prioritize obligations, other people's wants, and demands.

However, the reality is that nothing will ever be completed and that no one else's happiness is our responsibility.

In times of need, we may all lend a hand to those in our family and community. The time we spend supporting and caring for ourselves is just as important as our actions to serve others.

How Important Self-Care Is

It would help if you looked out for your needs and those of the person you may be supporting and aiding who may be experiencing a crisis. Choosing yourself over a loved one is not what self-care entails.

It means that you're paying attention to your own needs to better serve the individuals you care about. The demands of others can be better met when you take better care of yourself and aren't stressed out.

You'll be better able to manage the stresses of caring for someone you love if you keep your physical and emotional health in check.

Your cup may need to be refille.d

If we strive to take care of everyone and everything around us without regularly replenishing our cups, we will soon start to feel the dry, cracked feeling at the bottom of our cups. And we are running on emptiness, which results in burnout and collapse.

These are the symptoms:

  • You get agitated and angry quickly.

  • You don't like being still.

  • You sense being cut off and alone.

  • You experience an empty, void, and even numb feeling.

  • You feel more motivated than before.

The Escape

You must first acknowledge that you are the sole person who can rescue yourself from this situation because you brought it on yourself. Shaming yourself, however, is not a solution.

The best path to freedom is to live authentically and unconditionally and love oneself. Tell yourself this. "I have a responsibility to prioritize my spiritual needs first.

The world won't come to an end if I do this. No one will hate me. You won't penalize me for it. I'm happiest when I care for and adore myself. My ability to take care of my loved ones has increased.

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