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La Belleza y El Toro

Especialista en Belleza | Educador de marca | Desarrolladora de productos

Who is Rosalia Beautie?

Hello and welcome to my page! I’m Rosalia - a beauty specialist, brand educator, skincare influencer, and make-up artist.


Through my work, online content creation, blogs, and candid advice on everything related to beauty and skincare, I’ve become noted as a fresh figure in the beauty industry.


The Rosalia Beautie Philosophy-

With over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, I set up my own business with the philosophy that I wanted to provide honest advice, expert skincare services, and offer the best beauty products available.


In an industry where customers often feel cheated or aren’t sure what products and services are right for them, I wanted to be straightforward with customers, clients, and followers.


Your body is sacred and beautiful - and I believe in bringing out the best in it.

What I do

I offer a range of services, including make-up artistry (primarily for commercials, productions, events, weddings, or other social occasions), brand development, beauty and image consulting.


As well as that, I keep a dedicated blog where I dive into a whole range of issues related to skincare & wellness, as well as what products to try, regimens that I’ve found effective, and other lifestyle advice that will benefit my followers.


For beauty brands and businesses, I offer partnership opportunities if I truly value your products. These include: Packaging Design, Product Placement, Seminars and Live Events, Ambassadorships, Brand or Product Education, and Technical & Inspirational Copywriting.

How I can help you with your make-up, beauty, and skincare needs?

My 15 years in the beauty industry have allowed me to offer an experienced, holistic, tailor-made service to the clients and businesses who reach out to work with me.


As well as offering services related to make-up, beauty, and skincare, I also specialize in male grooming and body makeup.

What to know if you want to hire my services

I work with a range of clients in different fields, and I’m always happy to discuss your individual needs - so please get in contact if you think that we could make it work!


I am also available for travel - let’s link up wherever you are!

Click on the ‘Let’s Chat!’ button and we can get a conversation started right away.


You can also reach out to me or get a better sense of the work that I do on my Instagram page.

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Donde las mujeres encuentran la confianza que necesitan y las marcas encuentran un profesional que las represente.

¡Más de 15 años de experiencia en la industria de la belleza para que usted y su marca brillen!
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